Saraba Talk with Ayobami Adebayo & Ayo Sogunro

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Everything in Nigeria is Going to Kill You is Ayo Sogunro’s relentless pursuit to understand the survival abilities of the average Nigerian in a system that is definitely dysfunctional. “Some of us complain,” he writes, “some of us protest,

The Most Difficult Encounter in Life

By Sagir Lawal—


My beloved parents discharged all their duties right from my childhood up to my adulthood. I grew up in a standard family where I received a sound moral and academic training. I was sent to a …

A Prison Dairy

By Katung Kwasu—


Kaduna Prisons sits in the middle of the city. It was established in 1915 as an Old Convict Prison, with a carrying capacity of about five hundred and seventy eight inmates. The prison is surrounded by

The Coconut

By Winnie Ivy Cherop Kirui

I have an image of a coconut in mind. The shell on the outside is hard and rough and has prickly fibres. Its inside has a lot of water and a little white flesh. It …

Babajide Olatunji: A Glimpse

By Socrates Mbamalu—

Kelvin and I return to Ile-Ife after spending some time at Ibadan, where we had a sort of residency in my grandma’s house, reading and writing and exploring Ibadan. Getting to Ile-Ife, the ancient city where the …

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