Saraba Talk: Power and Money

Our senior editors, Arthur Anyaduba and Adebiyi Olusolape, discuss our new issue on power and money. Emmanuel Iduma speaks with Ayobami Adebayo, on her newly released book, Stay With Me. Dami Ajayi shares a playlist of songs (by Fela, …


Saraba’s Ongoing Work

The work of Saraba has remained fairly consistent for eight years—in the form of PDF issues of a magazine, poetry chapbooks, fiction supplements, special issues, and, in the last year, Saraba Weekly and the Manuscript Project—aimed at “creating unending voices,” …


Special Issue: Etisalat Prize

In collaboration with Etisalat and the Etisalat Prize for Literature, Saraba Magazine presents a special issue on the 2015 edition of the prize. This issue includes in-depth conversations with the shortlisted and long listed authors—…

#18, Crime

On the occasion of our 7th anniversary, we present our eighteenth issue and a supplementary poetry chapbook. In the crime issue, Arthur Anyaduba on an African in Winnipeg who takes the law into his hands; Katung Kwasu reflects on coordinating …


Attempted Speech and Other Fatherhood Poems

Saraba Magazine is pleased to present the fourth title in its individual poetry chapbook series, Attempted Speech and Other Fatherhood Poems.

Kola Tubosun is a linguist, teacher and writer, whose professional experience span work as an editor, blogger, translator, …


Special Issue: Literary Festivals

In this special issue on the occasion of the Storymoja Festival 2015, writers and past attendees of several literary festivals on the African continent offer their reflections. The essays are memoiristic, diaristic, and ultimately evoke the spirit of each festival …

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