Asaba Massacre: Witnesses and Survivors

Between 5th and 7th October 1967, in the first year of the Nigeria-Biafra War, Nigerian soldiers reportedly killed several hundred people (one estimate puts the number at 2,000) in Asaba. Asaba is a town close to the Niger

Photographs by Ayo Akinyemi

The world of these photographs by Ayo Akinyemi, collated from four different series, is one inhabited by the amorphous. A white sheet floats among trees; the folds of a shroud around a faceless figure billows in the wind; two silhouettes …

Photographs from Lagos

I visited Nigeria in late October as a guest of the 2016 Lagos International Poetry Festival. I’d just moved from Chicago to New York a week earlier than intended, so I could apply for a visa in person. At the …

Our Forthcoming Publication

“Transitions,” our first print issue, will be released October 2, 2017. We have gathered writings—reportage, short stories, travel essays, poems—befitting of our foray into print. Our contributors are writers you should be reading, and visual artists whose images are compelling.

A Way of Seeing: Immaculata Abba

The other day I was reminded that I have been drawn to images even before I was 6 years old. I asked my mother for a camera when she asked what I wanted for my 6th birthday gift. She got

Saraba Talk: Power and Money

Our senior editors, Arthur Anyaduba and Adebiyi Olusolape, discuss our new issue on power and money. Emmanuel Iduma speaks with Ayobami Adebayo, on her newly released book, Stay With Me. Dami Ajayi shares a playlist of songs (by Fela, …

Saraba’s Ongoing Work

The work of Saraba has remained fairly consistent for eight years—in the form of PDF issues of a magazine, poetry chapbooks, fiction supplements, special issues, and, in the last year, Saraba Weekly and the Manuscript Project—aimed at “creating unending voices,” …

Special Issue: Etisalat Prize

In collaboration with Etisalat and the Etisalat Prize for Literature, Saraba Magazine presents a special issue on the 2015 edition of the prize. This issue includes in-depth conversations with the shortlisted and long listed authors—…

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