If We Dredged the Babadogo River…

Photograph by Obuh Christopher Nelson

Shit in a gurney bag
a long dead dog with its head cut off,
a body without hair
with its pink tits sticking in the air

A white doll with one of its eyes gouged out,
an axe-cut in its skull
baby wipes and used condoms wrapped in crumpled papers
a hand from a missing body
an old padlock that has grinder cut marks, signs of forced entry
a five shilling coin that refused to rust away
Moi still trying to look young under the shitty water
maggots and mosquito larvae
hair in a plastic bag
old books that you can still read
if you could do it underwater
dead frogs and some that can still croak.

Sanya Noel

Sanya Noel lives in Nairobi where he works as an engineer during the day and writes at night. His works have been published in Kwani?, This is Africa, and Omenana among others. Sanya is an editor at Enkare Review.

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