IH Pentz – Wits University, 29 October 2015


Aftermath –
the sums calculated,
formulas enumerated,
abacus beads
fallen which way they may.

Fine dust,
like an early
blankets the
store in
subdued grey.
A snatch of yellow
and green
through the mess.

Huddling together
as if by
they can
stave off
the extent of
the disaster.

A bookstore burned.

Still trading,
a clerk uses his
to wipe a
textbook cover

A student
enters and
requests Fanon.

on a shelf at the back,
the moment
renders history

We look past
each other,
across the scattered
as though
we’ve come across
this experience
somewhere before.

At the very least,
read about
how someone
else expressed

In a poem,

Kirby Manià

Kirby Manià holds an MA in Modern Literature and Culture from the University of York and a PhD in English from the University of the Witwatersrand. She currently teaches English and critical literacy to students in the Faculty of Engineering and the Built Environment at the University of the Witwatersrand. Her creative work has appeared in New Contrast, Brittle Paper, Itch, and The Kalahari Review.

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