master of the mists

you must be master of the mists.
the closer I look at you
the more you wrap yourself in fog.
you’re a mystery, man, woman, or which one are you?
you appear as if you don’t appear.
when you come, you come riding the waves as
early as dew-time, like the lost sailor of the previous night charging at shore with the turbulence of the tides
and you sweep by in a whirlpool of haze before
one can say hey! you linger like
a deliberate menace, leaving a trail i must fear to tread.
you’re an apparition, a dream in daylight, and if i’m to paint you exactly as you are,
how do i make the world see what i see?

Novisi Dzitrie

Novisi Dzitrie was born to Ghanaian parents in Kakata, Liberia. His poems appear in Prairie Schooner’s Fusion 9, and the Writers Project of Ghana anthologies Look Where You Have Gone to Sit and According to Sources. His short story “Chi Chi Voices” was published by Lawino Magazine (December 2015).

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