Current Issue

#19-20, Power and Money

An issue exploring the entwined themes of power and money.


Saraba Talk: Power and Money

The editors on Power and Money. Ayobami Adebayo’s new book.

Past Issues

Special Issue: Etisalat Prize

A special issue on the Etisalat Prize for Literature 2015.

#18, Crime

On crime.

Special Issue: Literary Festivals

A special issue on African literary festivals.

#17, Survival

The value of survival.

Special Issue: Displacement

Stories, drawings, and photographs illuminating displacement.

#16, Solitude

On being alone.

#15, History

A look at history.


He looked up, through bloodied eyes, at the people battering him, and his lips curved into a smile.

Her Last Sale

& she didn’t know
she was one more
sale away from
rusting in her grave

Invisible Lines

Image Credit: Serubiri Moses, from the Africa Issue (c) 2013   Open your eyes to…

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