Noses collided on the plane of mutual longing
But it was our tongues that needed to talk
Lips eavesdropping on a cloudburst of fervid desire
I am stuck in that moment

Chests met on the valley of frisky clinging
But it was our hearts that sang in thuds of postponed beats
Heavy expiration witnessing a ferocious dance of dares
I am stuck in that moment

Hands roamed the fields in choreographed excavation
But it was our alp and cranny that sprang blobs of empyrean milk
Minds bent in keen exploration of coltish magnificence
I am stuck in that moment

Once in a lifetime
A severed artery leaves you pallid
But living
You taste death like a pizza topping
Yet deprived of the thick crust of demise

Plunged into an addiction so fatal
Life becomes a quest for throes of elusive re-enactment

I am a flash of thoughts that filled a moment
Like a mere substitute for a staple curative
This ardour has left me eternally transfixed
And I am stuck in that room wanting you.


Image: “I Will Teach You” by Aisha Daniels.