On the occasion of our 7th anniversary, we present our eighteenth issue and a supplementary poetry chapbook. In the crime issue, Arthur Anyaduba on an African in Winnipeg who takes the law into his hands; Katung Kwasu reflects on coordinating a literacy program in a Nigerian prison, followed by a memoir by Sagir Lawal, an inmate in the prison; fiction by ‘Pemi Aguda and Moses Kilolo; poetry by Nneoma Nwankwo, Obiaderi Agholor, Stephen Derwent Parington, Awoyemi Ayomide and Sihle Ntuli. Photographs by Eloghosa Osunde, with accompanying text.




ArthurAnyaduba, “Alimony.”

Katung Kwasu, “A Prison Diary.”

Sagir Lawal, “The Most Difficult Encounter in Life.”

Eloghosa Osunde, “To Hold a City Together [Notes on Walls.]




Nneoma Nwankwo, “Vultures.”

Obiaderi Agholor, “Buchi,” “Horror Show,” “The Boats.”

Stephen Derwent Partington, “Anti-Pastoral.”

Owoyemi Ayomide, “Justice.”

Sihle Ntuli, “Watch.”



‘Pemi Aguda, “Smother.”

Moses Kilolo, “An Immortal Precariat Goes into the Night.”



Listen to Dami Ajayi and Emmanuel Iduma discuss Saraba’s 7th anniversary.