Saraba Magazine welcomes submissions for 2016.

Saraba will explore the theme of “Power” for its nineteenth issue, and the theme of “Money” for its twentieth issue.  


Issue 19: POWER

Power is everywhere, diffused and embodied. What is Power? Where is Power? How does Power work? How is Power used? In this issue, we will present creative propositions on power, seeking to understand how as Nigerians and Africans we bend it, fall to it, corrupt and uncorrupt it.

Issue 20: MONEY

There is constant need to think about money. Poor or rich, neoliberal or democratic socialist, PDP or APC, father or daughter, mother or son, parent or divorcee, urbane or peasant, what or whatnot. In Nigeria the dollar-naira exchange rate was at all-time low in early 2016. Money, basic for sustenance, yet unevenly distributed. We invite writers of all genres to think with us about money. “…best revenge is your paper,” is one famous song of 2016.


Include the issue you wish to be considered for in a cover note, addressed to our managing editor, along with a brief biography. Before submitting, read our general submission guidelines, which includes details on word count, response time, and payment policy.

Only submit via Submittable. 

Deadline for Submission: May 15, 2016.