Saraba Magazine announces the forthcoming publication of a special issue featuring the work of Tobias Zielony and Victor Ehikhamenor. Tobias Zielony is one of the artists ncluded in the German Pavilion of 56th Venice Biennale of Arts 2015, curated by Florian Ebner. Ehikhamenor is a renowned Nigerian visual artist, writer and satirist.

The special issue themed “Displacement” prefaces Saraba Magazine’s Survival Issue. A selection of ten photographs on migrants and migrant workers by Zielony is included, as well a short story and several drawings by Victor Ehikhamenor. Acclaimed Nigerian poet Jumoke Verissimo, author of the forthcoming Birth of Illusion, contributed three poems that touch on movement and displacement. Additional essay by S. I. Ohumu and Salamatu Okorejior on migration in Benin.

The special issue will be available for download on 13 March 2015. Saraba‘s Survival issue will be available on the website on 19 April.