Image Credit: Serubiri Moses, from the Africa Issue (c) 2013


Open your eyes to see the invisible lines

Which you have drawn like lines of latitude

Or longitude across this spinning ball

Open your eyes to see

The well crafted invention of your stupidity

Customized to meet the need of your greed

Open your eyes to see

The thick lines drawn on the vague margins

Of colour, of lack, of faith

Of sense, and of limb impairment

Open your eyes to see

The breathing skeletons in your neighbourhood

Calling your name in between their last gasps


Open that third eye

Securely locked in the dungeon of your heart

And see that in this world

Only the sighted are blind

Victims of an ancient illusion

So, only the blind can see

Because they are blind to the imaginary lines

Which are drawn between you and me.