Isele! Spoken Word Poetry Prize 2013 Winner

Isele! is pleased to announce Tosin Akingbulu as winner of the inaugural spoken word poetry competition.

The judges revealed their thoughts on their choice of a winner:

“Tosin ticks four crucial boxes for me: simplicity, clarity, graphic imagery and brevity. She doesn’t say more than she needs to, but paints pictures that haunt the mind. She communicates with the listener, speaking in an easy, natural rhythm that makes it nearly impossible to misunderstand her. She also tells a story, a story that lingers a little after the telling, and ends it in a way that almost makes you gasp.”—Dike Chukwumerije, renowned spoken word poet and writer

“[B]est packaging, best video, calm, present; presentation and lyrics average; best line, ‘You can be in love and not love; you can love and not be in love.’”—Sage Hasson, renowned spoken word poet and writer

Tosin Akingbulu is winner of the N50, 000 prize. She will receive the award at the Orange Crush Award Night event which will hold in the city of Port Harcourt on Saturday, 19th October, 2013.

You can watch Tosin Akingbulu perform “Shades of L” by clicking on the poem title or clicking here.

You can read Tosin Akingbulu’s profile by clicking here or here

Thank you
Ukamaka Olisakwe
For: Isele!


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