Atlanta, Georgia (June, 2013) — History was made in Atlanta, Georgia on May 30 to June 2, 2013 during AfroXplosion 2013 with an impressive turnout of people coming out to see the stage play ‘WEDLOCK OF THE GODS’ written by West Africa ’s first female Playwright, Dr Zulu Sofola. Following a sold-out event in London’s esteemed West End theater district in 2010, ‘WEDLOCK OF THE GODS’ was ready to be introduced to the American audience. The authentic African theatrical performance took place at the picturesque SouthWest Arts Center located at 915, New Hope Road SW, Atlanta, Georgia. The play was brought to Atlanta by Zulu Sofola Productions and Chi Ife Productions, and directed by acclaimed British Nollywood Actor, Wale Ojo. ‘WEDLOCK OF THE GODS’ is a classic piece, which brings about a sentimental nostalgia for Africans in the diaspora who read the play as part of their academic literature curriculum in high school. Art lovers who yearn for a cultural connection to the continent also enjoyed every aspect of the production. There has been great reviews and positive feedback so far.

Among the guests present on the opening night were the representative from the Nigerian Consulate and leaders of different African organizations in Atlanta. Saturday night show was well attended by Atlanta’s arts community, press and supporters of African theater. Osei Kweku (aka Osei “The Dark Secret”) of Atlanta’s V-103 FM hosted the Saturday night show and post reception. The entire Sofola family flew in from different states for the event. Members of the Okwumabua family flew in as well to support their late sister, Zulu Sofola. The production is already getting calls to be performed again in Atlanta and in other cities. A potential tour is in the works. Chi Ife Productions can be reached at 678-995-3756 or e-mail zulusofolaproductions@gmail.com to request the stage play “WEDLOCK OF THE GODS” to come to your city. It is no doubt that true and original African theatre is certainly warmly welcomed and well received by the American community.

Michael Odiakosa, one of the guests in attendance says “I was there on the first day of the showing of ‘WEDLOCK OF THE GODS’ the theatrical art performance and I must report that this is one of the best things that have come to Atlanta and especially to the arts community in Atlanta. I was so impressed with the setup of the stage, the professional standard of the ticketing process, the cast lineup in the playbill, the cultural music and the drama. The cultural music took my mind back to my days in the village with much reminiscence. The intricacies of the moments were so captivating and emotional. I sincerely applaud the cast, crew, producers and Director Mr. Wale Ojo for such a wonderful play”

One of the sons of the late Dr Zulu Sofola, Bambo Sofola expresses gratitude on behalf of the Sofola family, “Thank you for a great performance and thank you for honoring our mother’s work with excellence. We, the family, look forward to future productions as we move African Theater forward”. Zulu Sofola Productions and Chi Ife Productions would like to thank K & S Consulting, Red Salt LLC, BiMA Designs, MocSocs, Armario De la Bella, Okwumabua family, Future Movement Radio, Fuxion TV, KokoatDawn Productions, Osei The Dark Secret & African City Group, DreamWeavers Entertainment, Jide Akanbi, Anthony Gilbert, Gafar Lawal, Leann Lawrence, Dayo Olurin, Terry Brantley, Fulton County SouthWest Arts Center, Director Wale Ojo, Wedlock cast & crew and all lovers and supporters of African theatre.


WEDLOCK OF THE GODS is a dramatic love story about how true love defies all earthly bonds. Full of drama, intensity and suspense, it is a story reminiscent of Shakespeare’s classic Romeo and Juliet tale. WEDLOCK OF THE GODS shows how the story of Romeo and Juliet would have happened if it took place in West Africa during more traditional times. Zulu Sofola’s personal story is very much like the play, in that she broke many barriers in her life as a female playwright and even in love. She passed away on September 5th, 1995, following the death of her husband 7 months earlier, their love was indeed inseparable. We invite you to explore the works of this celebrated artist. For more info, visit www.zulusofola.com


Dr Zulu Sofola is one of Africa’s foremost female writers, renowned for giving a voice to the voiceless through poignant characters and the empowerment of women at grassroots levels. A modern pioneer in her own right, Zulu Sofola’s writing theme embodied the rich African traditions as portrayed through the culture of her people. Her work also captured the perceived conflicts between the western culture and African value systems. A prolific Writer and Director, she recorded seventeen plays, fifteen of which are published. A distinguished Academician, Professor Zulu Sofola wrote numerous articles and presentations, and is still considered one of the great minds of African Literary Arts. Zulu Sofola’s plays challenge the political, spiritual, and traditional norms of Nigerian society. For more information, visit www.zulusofola.com. Email: zulusofolaproductions@gmail.com . Facebook – ZuluSofolaProductions, Twitter @ ZSPPro


AfroXplosion 2013 was a four day celebration of Afro-cultural Arts in the Atlanta. Presented by Chi Ife Productions and DreamWeavers Entertainment in conjunction with the Fulton Arts County SouthWest Arts Center in Atlanta, Georgia. AfroXplosion 2013 presented the music concert AFRODREAMFEST (www.afrodreamfest.com) on May 31, 2013 and the theatrical production – ‘WEDLOCK OF THE GODS’ on May 30, June 1 and 2.

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