In collaboration with Jalada Africa, Saraba Magazine presents a panel on digital literary magazines at the Storymoja Festival, Kenya

What is the future of literary publications? Given the state of publishing infrastructure in most East and West African countries, the optimism that online journals will continue to matter is worried, or at best skeptical. The panel will examine the history of literary magazines on the continent, the familiar pitfalls, the requirements and benchmark for success, the nature of publishing infrastructure in light of the Internet, with the goal of suggesting a framework for longevity and continued relevance.

Date: Sunday 20th September

Time: 1.00pm – 3.30pm

Venue Nairobi Arboretum (Kanga tent), Nairobi

Participants: Wanjeri Gakuru, Dami Ajayi, Linda Musita, Moses Kilolo, Emmanuel Iduma


  1. […] This year, as Saraba’s work is increasingly brought to the limelight, we have sought to enrich our conversations with wide-ranging partnerships. These collaborations ensure that we reach literary communities outside the digital ether, on-the-ground, as it were. Beginning with a collaboration with Victor Ehikhamenor and Tobias Zielony for the German Pavilion at the ongoing Venice Biennale—the special issue we produced was printed and displayed—our partnership with Storymoja will culminate in a panel at this year’s festival. […]

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