There is a statement, “Africa is a country” used to satirize “Western” preconceptions about Africa. With billions of people, thousands of ethnicities, several colonial histories and varied post-independence struggles, the continent is spoken of as a single plane that is beset by bad leadership, unending poverty, and the odd scenery. Yes, the continent has these, and yes, there really are some similarities across the different countries and cultures. But, the question remains: Is that all that can be said? And there is another question: How can  you represent what truly is Africa?



6/ Okani-Nkam Modern Day Project Esame Bassey

30/ A Safe Indiscretion Sefi Atta

39/ Nyamiri Okwuje Israel Chukwuemeka

50/ It Is Runonko Time Brian Bwesigye

54/ A Beautiful Mind Lara Daniels

86/ Guilt Trip Sylva Nze Ifedigbo

94/ Thirteen Tosin Akingbulu

102/ The Attempted Killing of Faruk Richard Ali


13/ Something Else Not Violence Keguro Macharia

60/ Face Me, I Book You: Writing Africa‘s Agency in the Age of the Netizen Pius Adesanmi

68/ Do We Still Have Postcolonialism? Kenneth W. Harrow

92/ The Real Tragedy in Being African Miriam Jerotich


5/ Poetry for the Iroko Men Godspower Oboido

16-19/ Kidal | Bukavu| Jos Peter Akinlabi

54/ You Hum Tunes Okoroafor Chibuzor

109/ Touchdown Ikeogu Oke


24/ Dami Ajayi converses with Sefi Atta

43/ Akumbu Uche‘s interview of Dike Chukwumerije


34/ Seretse, My King Donald Molosi


20/ All in the Night Together Brendan Bannon Mike Pflanz

47/ Daily Life in Algeria Jeroen Evers

57/ Gabon Space Elevator Némo Tral

79/ Journey through Southern and Eastern Africa Dillon Marsh

98/ Shadows and Traffic Serubiri Moses

114/ Infographic Africa Francesco Poroli

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