“Here at Saraba, music has been a perpetual ache, a constant obsession, so we are as confounded as you are that it took this long to rest our oars on these stringed sheets that stretches memory and touches eternity gingerly. ”

In this issue: 


5/My Music /Joseph Omotayo

10/Sweet Notes/Agatha Aduro

13/The Guitarist/Ayomide Owoyemi

15/The Piano/Neelam Chandra

16/Naming hip-hop & Recalling Abati/Peter Akinlabi

21/The Chocolate Torte/Andrew Rooney

26/The Pledge/Ikeogu Oke

28/I Can’t Reach You/Ikeogu Oke

33/Maple Country/Ikeogu Oke

37/We Have Known Ironies/Donald Molosi

39/Between Einstein and Me: Thoughts of Music/Lore Adebola

41/A Poet’s Struggles/Kolade Ajayi

45/Picture, Cap and Gown/Michael Lee Johnson

47/An Old Melody/Neelam Chandra
48/Music is…/Dikeogu Chukwumerije
49, 52/The Music Portrait
50/Making Music