“Sometimes sex is a word, sometimes it’s not. Often it’s a question, an exchange, a protest, a dialogue. Often it’s a state of complexness. Sex is both body and soul, presented in visual

and textual terms. In this issue, where we have succeeded in collecting mostly sex-themed writings, outlooks range from the vulgar to the pious, from the introspective to the blasphemous. And that’s because our reading of sexuality must necessarily transcend boundaries, whether visible or imagined.”

In this Issue:



5/We Have Chosen to be Gay/Keguro Macharia

9/Marebeta Ma Wamuyu/Nyambura Kiarie

10/Wamuyu’s Poem/

11/Size Matters/Ivor Hartmann

25/Tales One Shouldn’t Tell Often/Su’eddie Vershima Agema

26/Trust/Sophia Kanaouti

27/Imperfections/Chukwuka Nwafor

34/The Enemy Within/Timidi Digha

39/Notin’ Do U/Donald Molosi

41/To Mow: A Suburban Cautionary Tale/Kevin Rabas

43/The Goat That Eats Meat/Brian Bwesigye

46/When You Go Down on Me/Mel Thompson

47/The Prodigal/Ram Govardhan

55/Aling | 56/Night Fisher/Shayla Hawkins

57/Two Sides of A Coin/Ernest Alanki

65/Love’s Microtales/Lore Adebola

68/At The Suicide Galleria/Clifton Gachaugua

69/A Genre of Isolation

70/Collage of Sexuality/Publishers
1, 24, 40,
54, 66-67, 71, 72, 76 /Sex in Some Photos/Kemi Akin-Nibosun