IH Pentz – Wits University, 29 October 2015


Aftermath –
the sums calculated,
formulas enumerated,
abacus beads
fallen which way they may.

Fine dust,
like an early
blankets the
store in
subdued grey.
A snatch of yellow
and green
through the mess.

Huddling together
as …

I Am Stuck in That Room

Noses collided on the plane of mutual longing
But it was our tongues that needed to talk
Lips eavesdropping on a cloudburst of fervid desire
I am stuck in that moment

Chests met on the valley of frisky clinging
But …

A Game of Numbers

Say an arbitrary night
(could be moonless or not
depending on the mood of the universe
and if she is interested in this play set
before us)
say a man
our protagonist
walks into a street and the
street swallows …

The Peninsula of Poets

Umar Sidi’s chapbook, where this poem is extracted from, is free for download on this site. He is a helicopter pilot with the Nigerian Navy. His debut collection of poems Striking the Strings is coming out with Origami (Parresia)

Lonesome Tree of Ténéré

Amidst the wild waste of the Sahara’s sands

Stood a resilient lonesome tree.


Such fame did the Tree of Ténéré command

That round and about it was declared

The most isolated soul in the whole wide world

And men …


Other Valuable Angles



He comes to sit with me today

the old man

to tell me the things in his eyes

How they sit there growing like cataracts

making demands on him, his pension


He does not show me …

Komodo Dragon


Staring menacingly at all observers

You being the greatest observer of all


Claws scraping the loose earth

Scaly tail weaving through the sky


Rocky exterior grinding rock

Squinty eyes seeing all


And you wonder

What more …

Fluoride for the road

I’ll drink from the water

fountain fluoride dispensers

and corrode my

pineal gland because my

dreams are already dead


best not to think too much

or you’ll think


of a way out

or of someplace you should be…


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