On the Second Distribution of Whites

she comes in on a squall line
like merlin in the moat
pond water in her tonsils
tar balls in her teeth
she settles down in a tropical
right front quadrant shouldering
raw-cuss knock-turn-ill bliss
I’m anointed in …

Her Last Sale

Credit: Serubiri Moses, 2013. From the Africa Issue

she was just above a score
when she started vending
atoms of her beauty
for the worth of shylock’s pound of flesh

then she subdued
the pillars of gods
with smiles
& …

Invisible Lines

Image Credit: Serubiri Moses, from the Africa Issue (c) 2013


Open your eyes to see the invisible lines

Which you have drawn like lines of latitude

Or longitude across this spinning ball

Open your eyes to see

The well …

Gloom is Half-Naked

Credit: Serubiri Moses, from the Africa Issue (c) 2013. 


So church bells have tolled all night
Mother said she dreamt of winds that pollinated madness and
Of 30 silver pieces, the price of gold and gold-plated tomatoes
Jewels sprouting from …


I dig the ground for the coins not hidden there

I search the open heavens for the symbol not visible

I groan amidst green buds cracking in the wind

as the sun beats the earth of a thousand souls



The soft sound of water spraying onto
Ceramic tile
Words that don’t exist stick
In the back of the

I rest my head against a stool imagining
Weightless property,
Move me;

Serotonin and glial cells
Holding up mass…

An Appeal to Obdurate Objects

There are measuring tools that refuse to check in
Science of proxemics, spatial intelligence, small expectations

Locating, relocating, all should have bearing
Otherwise the entire geodetics industry is a sham

Rooting, re rooting can jar the soul
But not the …

IH Pentz – Wits University, 29 October 2015


Aftermath –
the sums calculated,
formulas enumerated,
abacus beads
fallen which way they may.

Fine dust,
like an early
blankets the
store in
subdued grey.
A snatch of yellow
and green
through the mess.

Huddling together
as …

I Am Stuck in That Room

Noses collided on the plane of mutual longing
But it was our tongues that needed to talk
Lips eavesdropping on a cloudburst of fervid desire
I am stuck in that moment

Chests met on the valley of frisky clinging
But …

A Game of Numbers

Say an arbitrary night
(could be moonless or not
depending on the mood of the universe
and if she is interested in this play set
before us)
say a man
our protagonist
walks into a street and the
street swallows …

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