This month, 3bute will feature erotica stories by writers and bloggers. All of these stories are certainly not the kind that you’ll easily read anywhere so we are eager to see how you will respond to them.

#1: True Kumasi begins “What I Want Your Words to Do to Me” as follows: “It has long been a dream of mine to be fucked in Twi, my mother tongue.”

#2: In an excerpt from Josef Winkler’s The Graveyard of Bitter Oranges, an older man has sex with a younger boy. “In the arcade I knelt down, stroked the thighs of the Tunisian boy with my lips, licked his black balls, sniffed at his pubic hair, and took his circumcised penis into my mouth.”

#3: And because this month’s stories are meant to shake you out of your comfort zone, here’s “Episode 44: Shit Happens” by Sue, who writes as a “Kenyan prostitute building a brand.” She writes: “I don’t want to feel like I have given all my body ( and shame) to men. I want the pride that comes with knowing I still own part of my body. For me the treasure has always been anal sex. As much as I knew very many girls here have done it, I promised myself not to do it, at least not with a client. Anal sex would be one of the things I would have put on the negotiating table in different circumstances.”  You can read more about Sue here.

#4: “The Harvest” is a story by Nnenna Marcia where a girl who thrusts a “corn as far into herself as it would go” is caught by her Arts teacher. When he tries to manipulate her to give him a blowjob because of this knowledge, she in turn manipulates him so that he is caught naked in the classroom. The story is part of a Marcia’s collection of West African short stories of sex and love.

#5: Finally, as in the first Twi sex story, here are two short tales originally written in Portuguese where a man unfaithful to his partner describes their relationship as follows: “She asked for a full stop, and I, confused, suggested a comma, for grammatical reflection. Since then, amongst errors and corrections, we are living in redundant reticence…” After they have frenzied sex in the bath, the woman says, “Just to be clear, this doesn’t mean anything – I am still really annoyed with you.” And the man responds, “Just to be clear, I love your ass.”



We encourage you to read the stories above and share links with us that can help contextualize the story. Post links to images, articles, videos in the comment section below, or for the fun of it, tell us what you think about any of the stories. If you want to share a link that is intended for one of the stories, ensure to specify the numbers. We will select the best commentary and submitted context for inclusion in upcoming 3butes. We will send out a special thank you message after the story is published!

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