Saraba Magazine is excited to announce a yearlong partnership with 3bute.com  beginning October 2013.

3bute is a platform that draws attention to Africa-related journalism, literature and other writing on the web by developing from them 3-page, illustrated story surfaces which can be tagged with crowdsourced context. Saraba Magazine publishes quality writing from emerging writers, with a bias for Nigeria and Africa, in its quarterly magazine and poetry chapbooks.

This partnership is promising because of the converging interests of both organizations. The focus is on the under-reported and on writers whose voice may be otherwise unheard. Both Saraba Magazine and 3bute share the conviction that imagery plays an important role in the way stories are understood and responded to. While 3bute works with writers to visualize their writing using 3-page comics, Saraba has always solicited for and published the work of photographers and illustrators in each of her issues.

In the course of the yearlong partnership, a dedicated blog hosted on Sarabamag.com will feature each story nominated to be adapted and illustrated on 3bute.com

Readers will be invited to vote, comment and contribute context in the form of  videos, music files, soundtracks, articles, pictures, or other media they can use to backup their comments. Saraba will select the best comments and links to articles, videos, images and podcasts that shed light on the stories, writing or the ideas explored by the writer. Those conversations selected will be added to the surfaces of the visualized stories for other readers to interact with.

The contributors of content selected by Saraba will be credited in the 3bute their comments and links are added to. 3bute’s goal has always been to animate conversations about Africa-related stories. This partnership will go a long way in achieving that. 3bute can stay focused on adapting and illustrating stories voted on by Saraba’s readers while Saraba will ensure that those stories become a starting point for conversations that are rich in nuances.

You can get involved in the 3bute-Saraba partnership by visiting the specialized blog on Sarabamag.com and commenting below the featured story. More details are provided on the blog.

You can get updates from Facebook (3buteSaraba) and Twitter (3buteSaraba).


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