#15, History

In this issue, our contributors unravel the making and remaking of experiences, of History. From the personal, from the collective, there is a sense that history is not a one-off event. It is in constant flux, ordering and disrupting; it …

Prequel to The History Issue

To end the year, Saraba offers you a prefatory remark on our forthcoming History Issue: a short story and an essay.

Toni Kan’s short story reenacts a moment of historical turbulence; turbulent given that the strangeness of fiction cannot compensate

The Art Issue

WE THINK that to deal with art we ought to present it, not talk about it. For four months we opened our window to artists producing the finest work in Nigeria, Africa and elsewhere, and the result is what you

The Africa Issue

There is a statement, “Africa is a country” used to satirize “Western” preconceptions about Africa. With billions of people, thousands of ethnicities, several colonial histories and varied post-independence struggles, the continent is spoken of as a single plane that is

The Justice Issue

It is arguable that justice is as sweet as revenge, or even sweeter. Justice, after all, is civilized revenge metedwith a communal consent. Humanity has a raving appetite for Justice.

Nigeria, like many countries, is however starved of justice. …

The Sex Issue

“Sometimes sex is a word, sometimes it’s not. Often it’s a question, an exchange, a protest, a dialogue. Often it’s a state of complexness. Sex is both body and soul, presented in visual

and textual terms. In this issue, where

The Music Issue

“Here at Saraba, music has been a perpetual ache, a constant obsession, so we are as confounded as you are that it took this long to rest our oars on these stringed sheets that stretches memory and touches eternity gingerly. …

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